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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  January 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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send current conditions along with family and friends and pets use the #join the action on social media or e-mail at join the i'm matt o'donnell along with tamala edwards our winter storm coverage continues let's go over to david murphy. david. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan on the bigger you can see the breadth of the storm with the snow pushing toward new york back towards pittsburgh and pin wheel in our direction and long island and boston. some of the precipitation is extending down to richmond because of a low pressure center forming near the delmarva. getting rallied to make it up -- ready to make it up the coast. counter clockwise flow, some of the winds pushing into philadelphia and beyond. they are not as strong i understand land. inland we have gusts up to
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63 miles per hour. it's piling up the water in the back bays and eye long the beachfront and beach erosion and coastal flooding at high tide which has past us by an hour or so. the winds are keeping the waters in there, the next high tide will problems. the closer view you can see we had a lull going, that's fillingy, it's beginning to -- it's filling in at this point. we have heavy bands in purple whatever you see these areas of purple that's an area where you're getting the heaviest snow and the lowest visibility and the highest accumulation rate. one to two inches an hour is not
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out of the question some spots going higher than that. mercer county, trenton, the entire beltway around trenton has a problem with that. southern new castle county, delaware. eastern shore of maryland. a bit of that out in reading. another thing i'll point out to you, there's so much of i guess dynamics going on in the storm system. sometimes with the winter storms you get a push of air and heavy snow falling in, that it can create updrafts in and on itself that can give you something that's odd for the dead of winters. east of harrisburg, you see that that's a lightning bolt that popped up on storm tracker 6 live, that's turned snow you get that when you have the kind of dynamics we have. with the heavy snow falling and strong winds that can give you
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spin-ups. now that we're seeing the lulls we'll transition to the second portion of the storm where the break up we've been seeing will fill in, through most of the afternoon we'll get another band or long period of accumulating snow. when you get this stuff that's when you pile the numbers up. we have snow on the grounds in philadelphia to the official tune of 13 inches of we have reports as high as 15. a little bit of less intense snow but not piling up at the same rate, but later heavy bands are possible. we'll continue to add. chris sowers outside right now. chris, one of the things we're looking at is the potential of 20 inches or more of snowfall amount that will put us high on the all time list. >> reporter: we're getting close to top ten, we need 15.8 inches to break the top ten. i believe the official number is 13. we have areas that are close to 15 inches. we're starting to see ground
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blizzard conditions set up, meaning the snow is not falling as heavily as it was first thing this morning, because it's a light fluffy snow, the winds are strong, it picks the snow up off the ground and making visibility lousy at times to say the least. the wind a big concern, high wind warning for sussex county, delaware and cape may county, new jersey. everyone seeing sustained winds 25 to 35 miles per hour and gusts as highs 55 miles per hour. in those two counts the winds are higher because you're closer to the circulation. cape may and sussex county delaware, expect to see gusts 55 to 65-mile an hour with an occasional higher gust. downed trees and downed wires will create power outages. peak windy gusts, dewy beech,
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75 miles per hour that's category one hurricane strengthen. if this was a summer storm it could have taken an a name by now. pleasant, 60 miles per hour. beach haven, 60 miles per hour. wildwood, 52 miles per hour that's what's separates a storm like this from the average snowstorm. when you're talking about blizzard conditions, it's heavy obliged snow with powerful gusty winds. that's why the blizzard warning remains in effect through sunday morning for the heart of the delaware valley. we have a winter storm warning forth lehigh valley and cape may county new jersey where snowfall totals are less there. in the next few hours, what to expected blizzard conditions winds gust 345 miles per hour and snow reducing visibility to less than a quarter of a mile. you need the conditions to last for 3 consecutive hours. we have not seen that just yet,
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but it's been awful close. we expect the conditions to continue throughout the remainder. day. for today, snow, heavy at times, blizzard conditions expected. windy and cold, high temperatures 30 degrees. with the winds, the windchills in the upper single digits low teens. it will not feel like 30 degrees. overnight tonight the numbers crash in the upper teens north and west, low 20s for center city. it does get better in the seven-day forecast. we have a nice warm up in store we could be as warm as 45 degrees by tuesday or wednesday him we'll talk about that when i see you in a few minutes. that will be a lot of melting. let's go over to karen rogers and hopefully people are staying in. >> reporter: we're looking live at 309 northbound at norristown road watch this guy kind of swerves all over out of the snow taking that ramp. we had a truck that tried to take a ramp he spun out. the next car behind him did the
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same thing. we saw a car spin right there. the roads are completely snow covered and the snow blowing around. let's switch over and show you when it looks like on i-95. we've got a shot of i-95 new hope by the state line there. you continue to see problems like this. look at the ice, i'm talking to people on the roads and talking on twitter saying the windshields are going and it ices over and you have to stop and deal with that. we have visibility that's way down there, in some spots less than a half mile. we have another shot, a problem on the schuylkill expressway again on the ramp most of the problems we've had so far today have been on the ramps and the overpasses that's so slick. look what they are doing right now. they have the shovels out. everybody had their shovels in the car. this is the schuylkill expressway where a car is stuck here on the ramp 202 southbound.
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the car got stuck, the traffic behind him can't move, a bunch of guys get on you and shoveling the snow on the schuylkill expressway. that's what we're dealing with if you try to make it out here today. that's why they are asking if you don't get out if you don't have to. this is what it looks like on i-95. a 28 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine where traffic is moving slowly. in new jersey, we're talking about the coastal flooding that's significant causing road closures, dorset avenue is shut down white horse pike in ventnor, bayshore road. 42 we had a few accidents southbound as you tried to make the turn on 42 southbound. you see the reduced visibility, the snow coming down. we want to go to the waze app as well. only all the area highways we have issues. you see the areas of red, schuylkill expressway, blue route, vine, route 30, 422 a
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restriction, no empty straight trucks, no tandem tractor-trailer, no rvs, no motorcycles. all those bans on area highways. area septa lines suspended. only thing running broad street and market frankford line local service only. look at the shot of the vine you can see why, speed restrictions on the area bridges 25 miles per hour. an update on power outage also in atlantic. 36,000 in avalon and tuckerton. let's go to cape may county where nora muchanic has been showing us incredible pictures of the flooding down there, good morning, nora. >> reporter: we're not done yet, i wanted to take a moment to point this out, how many times in life are you all but by yourself on the boardwalk in ocean city.
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today it is deserted. except for one guy i wanted to introduce you mike barns. what are you doing here today. i normally coming here in the morning. i walk my dog i didn't want to bring franklin down. good choice. it's a standard nor'easter we were here in sandy, it's pretty normal for this time. year. hungering down today or what? yeah, for the most part, the community center is closed it might open later so i might go down there and go for a run or something. you'll be running through water mike, because town is flooded. nice to meet you, thanks for talking to you. last time we saw you we were going to go back to the hotel to get dry socks, we went to the 9th street bridge we couldn't get over it, police are
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blocking it. this is the drama we're seeing at the beach right now. look at the ocean, it is swollen and fired up there, the wind is really kicking in the prediction predictions were 12 to 20-foot waves. the winds are kicking up, my camera man got a jolt from mother nature and the wind there. look at the whitecaps this place is crazy, it is really, really kicked up. we'll have three high tides, got one finished already and then we'll have two more and this is really going to push this in and the big concern is beach erosion, they have a huge beach replenishment project in ocean city, the entire length of town. is that going to be ruined and carved up by the punishing
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waves. we'll have to wait and see, right now real drama at the ocean. the ocean is amazing right now. it's good to watch it on tv not be here in person. that's the latest from the boardwalk in ocean city, the very windy ocean city boardwalk, nora muchanic back to you guys. dave has been talking about how serious the wind gusts are you can see that with nora yet another reason to stay inside be safe, nora. glets -- let's go over to katherine scott in center city, she had a lull, but the snow is starting to fill back in. >> reporter: good morning, tam, we've seen the storm come in waves this morning. when we first walked out the door, there was a wall of snow in front of the door i had to scale over to get to my car because of the wind gusts. we had a lull, we got comfortable, we vunt have, you can feel it coming back right now. i have my trusty "action news"
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ruler, extra promise it is integrity of the stretch of snow at broad and walnut. we are at 10 inches. i'll leave that for you right now. come with me look up broad street. broad street has snow covered, we've seen plows all morning long. they need making the passes all around the city. however they just can't keep up with the snow, they want to you to stay off the roads because they are snow covered where you are. the visibility is going back downhill again. a little while with we had the lull and the notice was lighter and to winds gusts were not as strong, the snow was not swirling everywhere, we're starting to see the visibility decrease a little bit as it gets later and new wave of storm. as far as clearing out the
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sidewalks in center city it's unpredictable. you want to wear your boots. it dispense on where you are. along this stretch where we are right now we did see a shovel earlier, there's a path, people can get by, it's slushy and messy, but you can do it. other places are completely snow covered. if you swing around and don't get dizzy, you can see it's completely cleared. they brought out the shovels and snow blowers if you're walk be along this stretch you're okay. what a lot of people are doing is walking down the middle of the street. we've seen so many people walking up and down walnut street because it's the guaranteed clearest path, because the plows have been threw they can't say that for all the sidewalks which may or may not be shoveled.
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don't go on the roads, give the crews time to do their work they need out outline night and out throughout the day. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." back to you guys. let's go live to king of prussia and montgomery county gray gay is reporting for us over there showing us what's going on. hey gray. >> reporter: i told you about the break we had earlier, the snow is picking back up and so are the winds. this is 202 king of prussia we've been seeing plow trucks, take a look at the video we shot 20 minutes ago of a woman that got stuck out here in the snow, this is why we've been saying if you can avoid coming out, please stay in, i had a chance to help a guy push this woman safely into the wawa. not only did this guy help out. he was skiing earlier. listen. it gives me a chance to ski
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here like this, i like to come out in the storms because it puts me in my place and reminds how small i am in the world and what i am dealing with and i enjoy it. >> reporter: i asked did you see any other skiers, he said it is just me skiing, he enjoys it he said he is being safe. you're looking at the wawa 202 king of prussia. big plow trucks that's the order of the day. we'll continue to be out here covering this huge storm weather events. but, again, i can tell you the good news is most people appear to be heeding the caution. they need staying in in the king of prussia area, we did catch fortunately a woman who was stuck, we did help her get to the wawa. we'll talk to her in just a bit. gray hall channel 6 "action news." back to you. let's check in with trish hartman down in claymont,
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delaware where they were walloped with the snow. looks like they are getting serious winds. good morning, trish. >> reporter: hi, tam, just when you think the winds will die down, they pick up. we are measuring them 17 and 20 miles per hour. we're along anyway manuals road at -- naamans road at the wawa. we've southeastern the pavement for the first time this morning trying to get the parking lot cleared. we've seen a number of plow trucks coming through. in the past hour, the state of delaware has i should a level two driving restrictions for kent and new castle county. if you're not designated essential personnel, medical workers, plow drivers, snow removal, you should not be on road. that's a level two driving restriction for kent and new castle county. we spoke with the folks earlier today who were out here because they are in charge of removing
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the snow. right now it's a little simmer because it's not snowing, the winds are horrible. i was out here until 8:00 p.m. last night. i'll be out here until 8 tomorrow night. 1 inches i would say, 40-mile an hour. i got across the street from where i live, it took me an hour, i was stuck. >> reporter: your tires were spinning a little bit here. yes, but you got to do what you got to do. >> reporter: that was sandra snow and she works at an apartment complex and she has to go to work because she was told she has to shovel snow. shelsdz she is saving her pennies for a four wheel drive vehicle. take a look at the "action news" yardstick we have 8 inches, but again because the snow is blowing around so much we've gotten a number of different measurements depending on where
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we are. the snow is blowing around heavy winds in claymont, delaware. live here, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." thanks, trish. people need to get around we see that transportation is a big issue. let's go to 30 street station nydia han has a report for us there. hi, nydia. >> reporter: hey guys septa suspended regional rail service, but amtrak is operating on a modified schedule. people need to call or check online to see what's happening with the train. you can see delayed, delayed, on time. all the cancellations another train so far on time, we're seeing the board change and evolve really quickly as we've been standing here. some of the delays and on time become cancellations i want to check before you head to 30th street station. we've talked to a number of travelers here who are glad that amtrak is operating at all. there are some people who traveled as far as thailand
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we'll hear from them later. this is a local guy, tell me where you are fighting go today. -- trying to today. i'll trying to to go to trent new jersey. i've got to improvise, the heard the patco is running i'll hike in the snow and hopefully when i get to camden, new jersey, the transit system is up and running. at this point all i can do is do what i can and deal with all the cancellations. you're doing a good thing, the reason why this gentleman is going to trenton, he is going back to his old neighborhood because he know there are a lot of elderly folks in the neighborhood whole need help shoveling the snow. you're going to help them. if they throw me a couple of bucks it's good, it's not about that, mime young, my back is not hurt, i do what i can ho at hope. hepping people out making money on the side.
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everyone here has a story to tell, it's almost like a competition whose nightmare is worse than the next person. listener to this. it's been 23 hours we've been going through this, left from minnesota three flights canceled to the east coast. went to boston, drove to newark, new jersey, new york, took the train waiting 23 hours. crazy. i thought i would be stuck in jfk. i had only the clothes on my back. i put on as many layers of thin clothes i wasn't expecting a blizzard. somehow the train was running and we had a lot of canceled trains and somehow the train was running and made it here. that was david goldberger, he and his friend heading back from thailand. michelle lives in syracuse new york, she was trying to figure out how she will get
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home. irina you were on the plae from thailand. i was on a work trip. we got delayed we took the chance and took the amtrak and had to depart here in philadelphia. looking to go back to wilmington at this point. you've been traveling for 26 hours so far, right? correct. >> reporter: you had no idea you would be coming home to the blizzard of 2016. no idea, it's the first time it's been cold here, so it's guess it's time. >> reporter: this is a change from thailand, but a change from when you left the area. it was warm for this time of year. at least i have a jacket, though. at least i came prepared a little bit. >> reporter: any idea what time you'll get home? afternoon time. >> reporter: how will you spend of the rest of the blizzard 2016. i think i can use sleep right about now.
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>> reporter: i hope there's someone home shoveling for you. and waiting for me in wilmington. >> reporter: i hope you have a smooth trip. we're hearing story after story. let's talk to this woman, can you tell us where you're heading today? i'm trying to get to city hall. there's no transportation septa has never done this, they never pulled all are the buses off the streets i would like to know why. is they spended service at 4:00. if the streets are cleared, the buses run, it must be the streets are not cleared or the an sayings workers are not doing the job they used to do about clearing the streets because the buses would run. >> reporter: you're frustrated i understand. i don't know why the buses are not running, they have never done this. i think they suspended service for the safety of the workers and passengers. they have delayed service and now they are talking about
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septa may not start running until tomorrow. it's never been a 24 hour delay. >> reporter: i understand it's frustrating thank you for talking to us. we're hearing from septa passengers who are frustrated today happy amtrak is not running on the modified schedule. you'll wants to check the train tickets and modified schedules before heading to 30th street station. live at 0th street nydia han back to you guys. thank you for that. let's go back to nora muchanic down the shore in ocean city on the boardwalk. with itself few times she said she's been able to have it to herself. >> reporter: i meanted oh owe i wanted you -- i wanted you to come back to me because we are on the end of the ocean city music pier. we have a closer view of the waivings they are enormous, you
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can watch them and feel the power this month. we were told that the storm would bring wave heights up to 1 to 20 feet. i don't doubt that a bit. if you look beyond you can see they are breaking farther out, way farther out than they normally would. look at the power in those things. this will cause the beach erosion. i want to show you the bottom of the music pier these are the concrete abutments that hold them up. when the waves come in her hammering underneath there. there's so much power behind these waves and the foam is so kicked you mean, looks like the top of a vanilla milk shake the stuff that's floapght -- floating around. up close it's dramatic. you say it you go whoa check that out.
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i'm glad i'm not out in that stuff. take a look under the pier. you can see the wash that's happening. that stuff really, really kicking up. it's pretty impressive. look how high that stuff is. that's normally not that high. i wanted to get you a look at this, because it's impressive up close. we had a better view of it, you know, the waves will be cikdz -- kicked up all day into this evening, and tomorrow. not a day for surfing or anything here. we have the serious street flooding going on in ocean city. we'll check that out throughout the morning. live on the ocean city music pier, nora muchanic. back to you guys. let's go to atlantic city north of where you are, mobile 6 is parked along the atlantic avenue and you can see the waves crashing over the sea wall. you see that. big problem here is that after
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high tide which is just before 7:00 a.m. that gives all the water a chance to go back out into the ocean, it's not happening. there goes the waves with another wave crash be over them. the next high tide is 7:09 p.m. in atlantic city, and so, the fear is once that comes in it will push the water up higher we could have more severe flooding than what we're seeing right now. we'll keep an eye on this, "action news" wants you to be part of the coverage, sends in your pictures and video from your yard and drive away, use the #6abc action or join the action at we'll take a short break and come right back.
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almost 9:30 and mobile 6 is
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live on landsdown avenue in upper darby past prendy, it is snowing hard here as well as other areas. the driving is stretch you are are -- treacherous. one guy was out on skis, the snowstorm is bad and we're bringing you threw it. we have so much more of the storm to go, the snow totals are beginning to grow. let's get over to our team coverage, david murphy and chris sowers. >> reporter: snow is coming in and pounding the region. just as the models are suggesting. do you want to hear a funny story. this is a shoutout to maryanne mcgold she teaches in havertown and and
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he said who gives us the snow and one kid dade david -- said,d murphy. we have strong winds gusts at the shore piling up the water on beach. chris sowers will be talking about and pushing heavy snow bands into philadelphia and the western suburbs. as we take a closer look on storm tracker 6 live double scan, when we first went on the air around 5:00 a.m., some of the heavier bands are beginning to show up. they are not everywhere, but every now and then you see the purple out there. that's storm tracker 6 live's way of showing you the heavier snow. wherever you see the purple setting up, this is where the visibility will be the worst and the drifting snow will be an extra problem because of the volume of snow. we had a lull in the action in philadelphia. but if we take a full-screen view of storm tracker 6 live double scan you'll see up close,
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we wanted to go to storm tracker 6 live, but that up-close view, there we go, thanks, we'll show you that that earlier break in the action that we were looking at. we were calling it a lull because it wasn't snowing much in philadelphia, well, that's gone. we have light gray east of the city, camden and gloucester county not getting all that intense snow, but here you're seeing it coming down. in philadelphia there's the purple i'm talking about. so the snow is starting to come down from media delaware county, county seat to northeast philadelphia picking up this, as well and toward radnor. as we start this up be it is on the move to the north and west. once again we're developing the heavier bands we had earlier. the same bands that put down earlier precipitation that we had. starting to re-emerge after the break. down south we have different
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shades of gray and we're getting different colorization, this is up by hammonton one solid color of gray. it's all snow. storm tracker 6 live double scan technology we have sleet mixing in with the snow down south. we'll change it over to regular old intensity and give you the live view before we take off. by the way that's a lightning bolt. you're not imagining things we have some what we tall thunder snow occurring -- what we call thunders snow occurring out to the west and putting it back on the regular snow image. we have heavy snow to the west of us and east of us. it pushes out air in each direction. the air from both of these systems is coming together and has no place to go but up, with all the turbulence going on,
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sometimes you can create thunders and lightning. we're seeing that west of reading into harrisburg. chris sowers is outside, tells me he likes to be outside in these efforts. >> reporter: i used to. [laughter]. the lull you were talking about is long gone now. i'm looking at the city avenue, the sax iffth store you can can't see. we have whiteout conditions setting up. i meant to focus on the jersey shore. satellite and radar. we have couple of things going on, one we have the full moon that will make the tides higher than normal.
9:35 am
we have an area of low pressure condensed packed area of low pressure if this was the middle of summer it would be a hurricane. the winds wrap around the thing in a counter clockwise fashion. as long as low stays to the south, it's an onshore winds the low needs to head out to sea in order for the winds to shift, that will stop piling the water up, and it will get easier. right now it's a tough go down the jersey shore. we're at the height of the storm, we'll experience snowfall rates 1 to 3 inches an hour. they will produce whiteout conditions with gusts 64 miles per hour. there was someone on city avenue maybe two or three minutes ago had to slam on his brakes because the light turned red, he
9:36 am
was going too fast. should be on the roads at this point, but take your time. coastal flood warning remains in equity from seaside heights to cape may. it includes the delaware businesses, we're concerned about the high tide we're seeing right now. the evening high tide swells tomorrow morning high tide will be of concern where we'll see serious flooding. high tide starting to recede right now. next high tide 7:00 p.m. in atlantic city. next high tide sunday morning 7:26. we are executiving -- expecting major flooding. this is a good test for the jersey shore after hurricane
9:37 am
sandy. this was a storm in the october, cecily posted a picture that was flooding near the wildwoods. we're seeing offshore waves 15 to 20 feet. beach erosion is expected when the storm begins to pull away. that will leave the shore vulnerable for any storm systems up the eastern seaboard winter. snow heavy at times, blizzard conditions throughout the day. windy and cold expecting a high of 30 degrees. that's the latest on city avenue. we're back if a few minutes with an update on snowfall totals. thank you chris, he'll never ask to be out there again. we were all out there at one point, too. >> reporter: if you don't want to go outside, listen to me, we've been talking about the wind gusts at 40 miles per hour.
9:38 am
visibility .3. this is what it looks like as you try to travel. this is the ramp eastbound to the blue route southbound we had a disabled tractor-trailer that cleared. i've been watching what they are doing, they are trying to shovel him out, that didn't work, then they have the tow truck on the scene try to pull it because the shoveling didn't work. lots of people on the schuylkill expressway with shoves. a lot of problems have been on-ramps. let's switch to another problem on the ramp. route 29 i've got a shot of the on-ramp to 202 southbound. too many disabled vehicles to counts on 202. this is the ramp police here, penndot, it's hard to his where the road is where the median is. he has the shovel out there, this is a rare time you're seeing people shovel the highways, looks like they pulled the disabled vehicle off to the
9:39 am
side. police and penndot on the scene, 202 southbound. this is hard to his the indication of visibility why you don't want to go outside. we have flashing lights, we have three different vehicles stuck on 309 southbound on the ramp to church road. they vehicles stuck out there, police, it's hard to to see, the winds is blowing. this is i-95 near cottman, snowing steadily, the roadway is where empty. 42 quiet, southbound we saw a few accidents, the problem is as you come off the ramp. take it easy as long as you don't have to turn, maybe you'll dokay there. we have a number of closures white horse pike 322dorset along
9:40 am
the coastline. if you need a happy spot, look at thehe faces, it's like christmas morning, final lie they got a snow day. they couldn't be happier, they got the snow and they are good with that. stay inside, schuylkill expressway, blue route, all of the majors, 676, 422, route 1, 309 they have bans on empty straight trucks tandem tractor-trailers, empty trailers, motorcycles rvs in the not a time to be joy riding around, roads are nasty. all septa lines and routes near philadelphia are suspended broad street line, market frankford line doing local service only. take a look at the video of the conditions at the jersey shore. this is the atlantic city inlet,
9:41 am
action cam was along vermont even new hampshire avenues they are covered in high water. the washington, d.c. area is getting nailed by this storm. first responders in fairfax county virginia saved a dog, the family dog was walking on a lake and fell throolts ice 30 feet from shore, they want out -- through the ice, 30 feet from shore, they went out and got the dog out of the water. hundreds and thousands of drivers should be out of a 35-mile backup on interstate 35 in kentucky. some drivers were stuck more than 12 hours, this woman was stuck had her husband and three kids and mother-in-law. the only updates i can get is the stuff on twitter. the highway is open in both directions and drivers are starting to move again. let's get social and go to
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the big board and alicia vitarelli you got the #there, what's going on? 6abc action so many viewers joining the action. if you're safely taking pick at yours or video share them with us. check this out, this is the scene in bucks county. these cars have not been dusted off or shoveled on it, this is what the conditions have done to all the cars, it's doing the work for them, blowing the snow off the carr there. just to give you an idea how forceful the winds are this morning. thank 6abc for the great forecast because you have to know how to dress on such occasions. we have kelly wolf here wearing afternoon adultnesy.
9:43 am
i wonder if he is wearing the boots with the fur, that's in the forecast, as well. we have a man in the john deere plow. i get his neighbors are thanking him. it's good to have neighbors who have snow equipment they are clutch in these situations. doug has to go. here's lola, a little dog, 16-inch on the patio in chesters springs. she has the puffy coat. she's got it down. finally speaking of dogs, dogs going insane here, they have had her for 70 days, this is day 70 since they rescued little annie,
9:44 am
the owner putting a note #don't eat the yellow snow, annie might have to learn the hard way on that one. mobile 6, check choking -- checg out the view, as well. use the #6abc action. stay home. we have atlantic city we have mobile 6 out even about, you can see you can see a little bit of block top. you're seeing the rain coming down, they are dealing with coastal flooding, nora muchanic showing us the flooded roads, they highway waves outer there and the ocean, concerns about 7:09 this evening, when the next coastal flooding could come in as well as high tide tomorrow morning. they have folks on it there dealing with power outages in atlantic city county. there are 36,000 of them mainly in tuckerton and avalon. there are folks out there who are dealing with the water and
9:45 am
the cold and the wind, not fun times necessarily down the shore, but mobile 6 making its way out and about trying to give you a sense of roads all over the region. let's shift our focus to the state of delaware. governor jack markell is live on the phone we've been hearing that delaware could receive more snow than any or places around the region. what's going on in the state of delaware and what's your biggest concern right now? >> reporter: the biggest concern we want to keep people off the roads. i i should a little while ago what we call a driving level 2 driving restriction. that means only people who have received a waiver can drive or people who are either in the healthcare or delivering food or fuel or operating snowplows or doing utility kind of business those are the only people on the roads. because we have a bunch of
9:46 am
disabled vehicles as it is. that makes it difficult for deldot to keep the roads clean. governor, a lot of your citizens are asking when will things get better when will we get out there and check on friends and family and pick up essentials, what's your sense of that? we're hopeful that they picked up the essentials yesterday. there's more snow coming, there's more winds that's coming. the deldot is doing a great job, but they have to keep going back and back again to the primary roads because the additional snow and winds is having the snow drift and so, this snow will continue for quite a while, so i think in terms of some of the nonprimary roads, it could be, it could be a while beyond today before those roads really get much treatment. meteorologist david murphy said the winds gusts along the
9:47 am
beaches are hurricane stroant we're talking about -- strengthen, we're talking about gusts, concerns about what's going on down the shore for you? we closed route 1 between dewy and bethany beach. we're very concerned about that. i've been down there before in the storms, sands coming up on route 1. prime hook road has 6 inches of water on it, so very -- flooding during these kinds of storms in that part of the state is significant. and there's been south of the indian river inlet bridge. and governor, at some point the snow is going to need to melt, david murphy telling us that will happen during the days this week, but overnight it will be cold a lot of water refreezing are you starting to think ahead about what do we do, monday, tuesday, wednesday when people get up for commutes and
9:48 am
find icy roads. we are, the icing is always a concern, it could be a concern as early as tonight depending upon what happens to temperatures and where the water is sitting. and so that is always a big concern. we urge people to use extreme caution. we do send out salt trucks, one of the things dell dot has been doing is making sure sure that the supply of salt is where it should be. they have done a nice job of that over the years. making sure sure all the equipment is up to date. we're in good shape in terms of being able to deal with the stuff, the fact is mother nature is powerful, even though we have five hundred people from deldot working 330 plows out there, they've got responsibility for over 13,000 miles of road. people don't realize that the deldot, delaware is a small state is responsible for road
9:49 am
miles in one agency than around the company because it's only one agency. we have national guard deployed, law enforce. everyone is doing a great job. are you in dover right now? i am, transportation management center. have you been outside recently, how much snow do you think you've gotten in smyrna? >> reporter: in woodside they got ten inches. generally kent county between 6 and 10. i think here in smyrna it's around 8. you know governor as the chief executive in the state you've seen a number of snowstorms and snow emergencies households you rank it now? this is one of the biggest ones for sure. i've seen lots of storms sunny during the 8 years, we were here
9:50 am
for seandz -- sandy, for a lot of storms. this is a big one, particularly we're not anywhere near through this, it would be one thing if the snow had stopped, but we're expecting the snow to continue for hours to come and to bring in another 6, 8, 10 inches. when you combine the additional snow with the winds with the flooding and the icing with the fact that we make sure our deldot operators get sleep everyday and get the rest they need. we are operating big pieces of equipment they need to rested. this is are a big deal. we'll be calling out contractors probably starting tomorrow for some of the secondary roads, take care of the big loads. it's a lot to orchestrate we
9:51 am
have a great team at deldot and the national guard anne emergency management agency. everybody is working very hard. this is the last year of your second term, i'm sure you're hoping this is one of the last big snowstorms you'll deal with as governor. with the weather as good as its been, i was hoping i would say never have to do this again. i would rather be at home this morning inasmuch as i love the people at the transportation management center i would rather be at home. this has become my second home. and we still have february and march to go. we'll see what they have to bring us. any other pieces of advice you would give to people in our viewing i've got one piece f advice stay off the road. make sure if i have a generator that's operating make sure the exhaust is outside, we don't
9:52 am
want carbon monoxide build up and the like. take breaks if you're shoveling, don't get hypothermia frostbite. check in on your neighbors, he would leisure i and people with disabilities. have flashlights ready make sure the cell phone is charge. if you lose power call the local power company. i know you asked for one piece of advice, that was more than one, those are a few tidbits. governor jack markell, from the state of delaware, thanks for joining us on the phone thanks to deldot and everyone else that is roughing it in the diamond state. let's go over to gray hall in king of king of prussia. looks like the snow is coming down strongly gray. >> reporter: remember that break i had it's long gone.
9:53 am
snow is coming down heavily. the wind pick up. we've been telling you about the snow plows we've seen them in the air all morning long. i meant to give you some prospective. you can see some of the pavement here, that's good news, that's what you want to see. let's get you another snow totals, we have our handy dandy 6abc yardstick here. i'll walk in deep here, keep in mind that the show has been blowing and the wind has been blowing this is may not be as contract as if you were in one single spot. we have here a reading under 12 inches. i want to show you some video we saw a guy actually riding a bike in the snow, yes, a bike. he said he was getting exercise. take a listen. well we didn't get much snow for christmas, i consider it the holiday. we had 70 degrees on christmas.
9:54 am
it's beautiful weather today. >> reporter: okay, it's beautiful weather, there you have it, so we've seen a guy on a bike, we've seen a guy on skis, we saw earlier in the day, someone on a snow mobile. that's it latest from here, king of prussia, gray hall. probably not going to see a hang glider out there. that would be pretty weird. let's turn to "action news" reporter, nora muchanic who has been showing us the flooding in ocean city and elsewhere. what you got nora? >> reporter: matt if i had a hang glider right hear, i could take off and go across the atlantic ocean. super breezy and winds on the beach. one of the two major concerns, two major concerns, flooding which you know we've seen the pictures on the streets. it's terrible. take a look at what we're seeing
9:55 am
on the beach in ocean city. they just completed a huge beach replenishment project. look at that, it's he carved out. in fact people tell us the storm surge went up to the dunes. the dune structure if it was not here it likely that the water would have gone up under the boardwalk. they are thankful for the dunes there. the weather has done a lot of damage. let's look at the video of the waves weapon shot off the ocean city music pier. they are thundering. they are wildwood. you can see them pounding and understand why it's caused so much damage on the beach and probably up and down the jersey shore at this point. the coastal towns have been preparing for this many of them bull dosed the beaches to try to create dunes and everything to protect them from the storm surge, but it's too soon to tell
9:56 am
exactly how bad it will be, but we know from ocean city from the pounding surf it is taking a beating. the ocean and beach replenishment project. they don't know where they would be if they hadn't finished. take a walk with me on the ocean city music pier. cable got caught, live tv. we won't be needing this, if you take a look out here at the end of the ocean city music pier that's the stuff that is pounding the shoreline here causing serious beach erosion, we'll take a better look at that later. over to the left you can see the ocean city music pier where the water is coming up neert. that's the -- underneath that's the end of the music pier. it's windy and rainy. we've switch from snow to sleet and now it's rain. the wind is incredible in the end where you are exposed.
9:57 am
lots going on at the shore towns and the flooding in ocean city is unbelievable. some of the streets are impassable covered in a foot of cold watery ice. you need to think twice before going out. i told you before you couldn't get over the 9th street bridge they have the area cut off because there's so much wild there. that's it from ocean city and the "wild coundown" -- wild, wild ocean. we want you to be part of the action. we're getting in plenty of pictures and videos, kids be dogs, the snow out there, we want to see more, send them along with family, friends and pets enjoying the winters weather, use the #6abc action or e-mail join the action at
9:58 am we'll be back with the continuing coverage. if you lose power or you have someone you know who loses power, you can watch us on the air all you need is a mobile phone that has connect ticht -- connectivity. sends in your pictures and videos #6abc "action news."
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